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About Author

harsha s

Introducing Myself:

Well, I started writing articles on blogger in 2009, when I did not know anything about online marketing or SEO, SEM, SMO.

But was passionate to start and experiment something new which can read by the people that could reach different demographic.

Why NewAndroidPhones - Here I will write reviews and updates on latest android phones and everything related to it.

Which are my other blogs: – I intend to discuss on all tools, techniques that can help individuals & business how to benefit from their Digital Marketing (since SEO is meant for the long term you should start with advertisements as low as Rs.5-10 per day). Here you can get latest movie trailers with reviews that are yet to be released or already released with updates on it. Since the time I underwent training on Digital Marketing I have also learned the importance of right domains names that can help reach targeted people, also have a list of domains that has keyword value and can help business ( making it short ready to sell if you are interested).

My YouTube Channels:

My Digital SEO – When you can see the techniques live why should you read the article (since youtube is coming to second place also may replace text search with video search).

Stock Market Live India – Do you fear losing money on the stock market, then watch these videos where I will share strategies that can help you make monthly income.

My Granny's Kitchen – Do you like to watch typical Indian style cooking then this video channel is for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, so what can you do – contact me if you want to have an advertisement on this blog or services related to Digital Marketing.