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Friday, June 3, 2016

Online Mobile Repairing Site – Review

Mobile Screen Repair Bangalore

After 9 successful posts on smartphone reviews, I wanted to do a review of online mobile repairing site that would help my blog readers to get their smartphones repair without the hassle of finding such service on search engines rather they can easily do it at the tip of their fingers or I can say ease of getting such services from their workplaces or home, since I am based out of Bangalore I thought that I would try to get one of those service who offer mobile repair Bangalore online.

So here I go…

I recently read an article on my daily news paper Prajavani dated 10th Many, 2016 which briefed about two IITians who have worked for almost 10 years into different industry and came up with an idea of startup on smartphone repair service in Bangalore.

What is the necessary of online mobile repairing site?

Since people are busy to in their work and traffic jams would make it painful to an individual to travel and reach the service centre, so online services would make it easier for an customer to handover their device to service centre representative where he would list the problems and that could be serviced and returned in a stipulated time.

What is OneServe

They have evolved into an end to end service enterprise for repair, rental and sale of smartphones and tablets. I just made 9 Minutes video on their website landing page with details, you can click to watch this video...

Why OneServe

They have taken enough time to study, research with feedback on ground by testing the details to give you professional service and experience.

Their range of services is covered with gadgets life cycle:

  • Get your devices serviced and repaired by expert technicians.
  • Do you need to sell your devices which are not even working then OneServe is the answer.
  • How about testing a new phone whether it is meant for you, you can rent phones from OnServe.
  • Get great discounts when you have to upgrade or buy new devices.

Making it short with OneServe you can repair, sell, rent and buy new devices within a short period of 3-4 days, also interesting point is the repair would be recorded which helps the customers too also making this process transparent.
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OneServe Team

Siddarth Pandey is an engineer from IIT Kharagpur, he has 10 years of experience into financial markets companies like Nomura, Societe Generale.

Ashish Raj is another engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur and MBA from ISB, who has more than decade of experience into consulting, investment banking also mentored many startups.

Priyanka - who is an Advisor an alumna of IIT Kharagpur, she was the founder of Hunger Zone which is an online delivery venture started in 2006, later acquired by Just Eat.

Sunil Bohra – Who is the MD of Bohra Bros an Bollywood entertainment conglomerate and has produced internationally acclaimed movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, Shahid, Tanu Weds Manu.

Logo of this website which shows us the spanner inside the smartphone appears to be a different design.

About their landing page:

When you land on their main page you will see three different sections one is the menu which will guide you on particular service that you would require.

On the left hand column you have list of top brands so that you can choose their respective models that you are using.

Just after the brands you have FAQ’s that is answered by them which makes is easy to understand how to get your repair done, sell your device or to buy from Oneserve and followed with testimonials by the customers.

So once you hover your mouse on the repair heading on the menu you can see a drop down that lists service available with them.

Also you can find their blog article which is presently updated with articles like

  • How to choose a repair
  • Maintain your data privacy through app lock
  • Backing up your device

OneServe Social media profile:

Here is their Facebook page ( I saw that they have 1585 likes with 16 reviews who have rated them five stars.

Followed with posts and updates.

I could not see any tweets or followers for their twitter page.

This was short review about OneServe's online service, so share your experience and inputs on below comments.

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