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Monday, April 4, 2016

Best Antivirus for Android Phones 2016 (With Videos)

What you will get from this article

  • Antivirus for Android phones review  (with video)
  • Best antivirus for Android phones
  • Best free antivirus for android phones
  • McAfee antivirus for android phones

Video by ThioJoeTech on whether antivirus for android phones necessary..

Before I start discussing on these topic there is a common understanding by smartphone users who think that as long as we are downloading apps from Google Play, we may not really need an antivirus.


Apps are sandboxed on android, which makes them safer when compared to our personal computers.

Security architecture is designed on android that no application can by default has authorization to carry out any operations.

That would negatively impact other apps (operating system) or the client.

So if any application is suspicious then it would be noticed by its users and would be intimated sooner which avoids other installations.

All APKs (.apk files) must be signed with a certificate whose private key is held by their developer, which identifies the author of that application.

At set up time Android gives each package a distinct Linux user ID.

Tweet: identity remains constant for the duration of the package life of on that device.

Antivirus Debate

As you know that computers need protection from spyware, Trojans and other malware


Smartphones are susceptible to the same kind of attacks, because you mobile are connected to internet.

This could be important reason to believe that it can be attacked.

As most of the virus is programmed to attack Windows or Mac operating systems so Android is using completely different operating system.

Which means that virus which is targeted for Windows may not know how to harm Android OS.  

So what is the bigger threat?

Infected apps which can take your information (contacts, login & password) or even disable them entirely.

Latest Android OS systems cannot be affected by apps because they are very much different from their basic structure. 

So if you have mobile of older version it is advised not to download apps from untested providers
Tips to secure your smartphone

Lock the screen and use the pattern that you can remember and unlock at any time, which acts as first layer of security and most of information can be secure with this step.

What if you have some information which is required on the go, so just lock the application with its settings or use an app lock that comes handy and help you secure your information.

Always remember to uncheck the options that are not required while downloading the apps.  This avoids the apps to access your data.
Tweet: you enjoy accessing internet on public places then remember that Wi-Fi could be easy target for hackers to access your data and know your transactions.

Take backup of your contacts and files that is stored on your mobile, remember by doing this you have secured your information.

Never store your passwords on your smartphone, if you tend to forget it better create your own worksheet where you can save it for ready access.

Below is an infographic by veracode explaining how to manage your smartphone

Best antivirus for Android phones

Before choosing the antivirus below is the list of things that you should know that helps you choose the antivirus for you smartphone:
Tweet: should be able to detect the wide range of malwares and lesser false detection rate which is the most important aspect of getting right antivirus.
You should feel ease while using the features that are available on antivirus and speaking technically good user interface.

The additional features that you should expect are –

a)Locate your lost phone.
b)Give you beep even when you’re mobile is set to silent mode.
c)Notify you when there is wrong password entered and someone trying to unlock it.
d)Your phone should be automatically locked when someone is trying to change the SIM CARD.
e)Lock apps to secure your privacy also secure its configuration.
f)Backup of apps from your device to SD card so it can be restored upon necessary.

List of Antivirus for android smartphones:

Kaspersky internet security for Android – 1 Device, 1 Year

Defends your smartphones and tablets against viruses, Trojans, worms, spam, spyware and more (via manual scanning)
Delivers over-the-air (OTA) updates for the Kaspersky Android antivirus database

Automatically scans apps you download from the marketplace – to ensure they are not infected by viruses, worms, Trojans or other malware

Reacts rapidly to new and emerging threats – using real-time, cloud-enabled protection technology.

Best free antivirus for android phones

Avira for Android (

(Video by Avira)


McAfee Mobile Security

(Video by CNETDL)


Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

360 Security for Android

(video by Appszoom)


McAfee antivirus for android phones 

Video by Intel Security


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